Our name, CONTRACTORS FOR LESS implies that you won’t have to break your bank to do the work you have always wanted to get done around your house.  We have skillful and trustworthy carpenters who have been in this field well over fifteen years.  If we are finished and you are not amazed, we are not truly finished.  In doing our work, we are driven by Trust, Quality, Excellence and Timeliness. We work not only as onto man but mainly as onto God.  What this means is, the work we do is both for the glory of God and the joy of our customers.

THE LIGHThouse view—What’s yours

The greatest setback in life is the celebration of past success.  Therefore, success should be celebrated before it’s achieved.  It’s here that it becomes familiar and it achievement becomes natural.  There is always a higher calling to press forward for.  Don’t live your futrure in its past.